How to Explore Updated Creative Suite 6 New features

Adobe Systems created creative Suite Software for web designers, web publishers, and educators. The software was initially released in 1990. It’s designed to help create professional-looking websites & applications. Adobe has offered this suite of programs in one pack. If you like to develop websites or graphic design, you should use this software.

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Adobe Creative Suite offers many features, including AutoShape, Paint Shop Pro, & Document viewer. Other Suite components are Flashy Streams, collage, Web design Kit, & Illustrator. While most of these have been discontinued, some remain in the suite. Adobe has some program additions such as Color Wheel and the Action Center.

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In September, Adobe introduced Adobe Photoshop Elements. Adobe Elements is the latest program in the suite, which competes with Dreamweaver & Adobe Flash. It comes with over 75 templates, brushes, & effects, along with keyboard shortcuts that make working with Elements simple. Users can choose between several versions of Elements, all of which come with default templates.

In March of last year, Dreamweaver 4.5 was introduced. It’s the latest version of Dreamweaver, offering users more flexibility. Its key features include integrated JavaScript support & a “split view” option. With this option, you can work on different projects & see changes in one window.

Adobe Acrobat Professional, also known as Acrobat Reader, is the third piece of software in the suite. Acrobat Reader is not just a PDF editor, but it can act as a password manager or form builder. This product has been in the market for quite some time, but it received several upgrades. Its primary function is to read PDF files, which most users will be using it for. However, users have reported issues with some parts of the application, such as the password manager & forms. Other minor issues were also noted, such as slow-loading pages.

At the end of August, Acrobat updated their programs. The last software comes with new features, including a redesigned user interface & improved protection. Upgrades included an improved scanning engine that provides better harmony between scanning applications.

Adobe had released the Creative Suite 3 months earlier than the previous version, and it had positive reviews. The suite’s main feature is the CS3 viewer, which enables you to view your projects in high definition. This viewer integrates with the Macromedia studio application to edit video & audio files. Several other features include PDF viewing, a built-in organizer, & faster start up time. In September, the Macromedia studio was updated to version 4.5. These include better Flash, improved HTML output quality, & better Java integration.

At the end of October, Adobe held an event to discuss the future releases’ Creative Suite software. Some changes have been made with the next suite versions. There are several suites to consider, including CS4, CS5, CS6, and CS7. The Creative Suite software will no longer be based on Mac OS X. However; Adobe is working on getting a Mac version for its suite.