15 Mistakes That Shorten The Life Of Your Phone

We rely on mobile phones quite heavily these days. That’s why it can be so frustrating that our devices start to act up within as little as a year with what we generally consider light to moderate use. It certainly strikes most of us as odd that many aspects of our devices start to degrade in performance and functionality, but the only ones to blame for most of these issues is ourselves.

You show us someone who claims to have read their mobile phone’s manual cover to cover and we will show you a liar. Let’s be real, none of us go that far in finding out all the intricate details of our phones and what makes them function better (or worse). This leads us, out of sheer ignorance, to commit certain acts that shorten our phone’s life.

Ideal care of a mobile device could have it be functional for years, but no one can live up to this ideal. What we can do, however, is to learn some of the things that we can easily control that drive the efficacy and functionality of our phone down, and avoid them whenever possible.

Let’s talk about fifteen very common errors or misuses that people engage in with phones and figure out how to avoid them, thereby extending our smartphones’ battery lives sufficiently.