15 Mistakes That Shorten The Life Of Your Phone

Avoid Bumps And Unnecessary Heat When Possible

Phones are relatively tough, protected by cases and some by their sturdy exteriors, but all of the little bumps, drops, whacks, and cracks are going to add up. When driving, it’s best to house a phone in a stationary place where it won’t rattle and bump against things. All of these little things take a toll on the device.

While on that topic, if it’s a hot summer day, try to avoid having your phone outside in direct sunlight. On top of that, the warmth from your hands will add additional heat that can overheat the device.

Avoid Software Updates

This may not sound like a reasonable way to protect your phone’s performance, but take a step back and think about the reason updates are offered. Apps are constantly being updated, but the hardware you are using with a phone that you will presumably have for at least a few years before upgrading remains stagnant. The updates are done to keep the enhanced technology of the apps compatible with older devices, so as software becomes more robust and more powerful, it takes more memory and more energy to preserve its functionality with devices that may not otherwise be fully compatible.

So just because you see an available update, it’s not a reason to jump on it. In fact, take a look at some user reviews of the latest update install before blindly tapping the Update button. After all, once you update, reverting to a pre-update state is often impossible or at least very challenging.