15 Mistakes That Shorten The Life Of Your Phone

Port And Display Maintenance

Phones that spend a lot of time in purses and our pockets gather dust rapidly, and since the ports are openings into the device, it can lead to dust getting into the phone. As you keep plugging the chargers and headphone jacks in and out, the dust that is already inside just gets pressed further in. You can cover a toothpick with a soft cloth and gently use it to brush out the ports.

Additionally, screens get covered in dust easily, so by wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth you increase your ability to see the screen’s contents better. Never use any liquid cleaning sprays on screens. Those contain ammonia and it will severely damage your screen. Just a wipe off from dust will be sufficient.

Avoid Proximity To Water

Phone’s introduction to water is almost always its introduction to its inevitable demise. If your phone is dropped in a pool, sink, toilet, puddle, or ocean, and you manage to get it back, if you are able, quickly remove the battery, memory cards, and sim cards. As soon as they are out, put them in a bowl of rice. Rice absorbs the water and could save your device and its parts, but this is far from guaranteed.

In general, it’s best to keep your phone at a distance from any water exposure. This includes places with high humidity like steam rooms and saunas. The steam inside is still water and can enter a device, then condense back into liquid.