Top 12 Performance-Killing Apps to Completely Delete Today

Reasons You Should Delete Apps From Your Phone

If you decide it’s time to break up with an app, you can delete any of them that are on your phone. Go to the Settings page and then look for Application Manager. From there, choose the app you want to delete.

Tap on Uninstall and OK when prompted since it will require confirmation before completing this process. After deleting, all of the data associated with this app will also be removed from your phone. But why delete? Well here are some of the reasons that make people delete some apps.

– APPS RUIN BATTERY LIFE: Have you ever noticed your battery running low and wondered why? One of the main reasons is background activity from apps. Apps that constantly refresh in the background, such as social media and news, tend to cause these problems.

– INCREASING YOUR DATA USAGE: This happens for several reasons, but most often it’s related to location services. For instance, weather apps or maps would use more data.


As you install more apps, your phone slows down and starts to stutter when opening certain programs. This is because of the additional memory needed for all these apps running in the background, plus their services running simultaneously.


 The most obvious reason to delete apps from your phone is knowing how many of them access your information. You don’t want to give out personal data, such as contacts or photos, without even realizing it because you downloaded an app that had all kinds of access rights.


 If you’re constantly running out of phone storage, the only solution is deleting apps. This can be difficult because you’ve used them at some point. However, it’s best to be safe than sorry when it comes to privacy and security.


In many cases, apps are constantly being updated for bug fixes and user experience improvements. In other situations, however, updates mean that there’s no longer an old version of the app available for download. If you delete the app, but later want to use it again, you won’t be able to download it.

– APP UPDATES INTRODUCE NEW BUGS: Many people choose not to update apps because there’s always a chance that it might introduce new problems. Developers are constantly updating apps for this reason and others, so you should expect frequent changes with each version.  In the Next slides we expose a list of the apps  you should delete from your phone, those that track you,  and pretend to care about online privacy, but don’t practice what they are preaching.