Speed Up Your Connectivity With These 11 Wi-Fi Upgrading Tips

11 Wi-Fi Upgrading Tips

There is some good news on this front, and that is that many internet service providers (ISP) have already increased their internet speeds for lower-income customers, while others have put a suspension on data rates.

These measures have reduced the number of bottlenecks in the network as far as your front door. However, everything within your home is your responsibility, and that includes your Wi-Fi connection. So, adopt these eleven methods to upgrade your Wi-Fi speed.

1-Relocate Your Router

Placing your router in the closet, out of the way, might be a good idea in terms of keeping things neat and tidy. However, a router located behind a wall or otherwise obstructed can disrupt its signal and reduce coverage around your home.

Physically relocating your router can improve your Wi-Fi signal, making a significant difference to the coverage around your home. Try placing your router in a central location or near the spot where you most depend upon good coverage.