How To Create A Flash Web Site With Dreamweaver CS6

Dreamweaver CS6 is a web-based software that comes bundled with Adobe Creative Suite or as stand-alone software. Dreamweaver enables you to create professional websites without programming. This is because Dreamweaver has advanced tools for creating great looking websites that are SEO friendly. The popularity of Dreamweaver is such that many entities use it to develop & manage websites. It’s used to create dynamic web pages, web content, and diagrams. Dreamweaver works well for designing anything from simple layouts to complicated ones.

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The most exciting tool integrated with Dreamweaver is the “creative cloud.” With this tool, you can create anything from a simple interface to an elaborate one. All you need to do is drag and drop widgets, links, and files from the creative cloud. Whenever you need them, you can select the relevant items from the cloud and place them on your desktop, ready for use.

Another impressive tool integrated into Dreamweaver is the “fluid grid layouts.” With this tool, you can create complex and elegant wireframe layouts for websites of various sizes and widths. You can drag & drop multiple elements in the grid to customize them according to your needs. You can change the layout while designing a new page for your company or your website.

One of the best things that come with Dreamweaver CS6 is the “professional-looking” as editor. This is because editors such as the CSPs editor come with various features & enhancements. Among the popular ones include:

In addition to all these features, Dreamweaver CS6 has several user-friendly options ideal for beginners. In particular, it comes with several “shortcuts,” which make entering HTML much more comfortable. For example, it’s to switch fonts, use the keyboard shortcuts, & type text using the trackball instead of the mouse.

One of the innovative tools integrated with Dreamweaver 6 is the page tiling tool. As you know, Dreamweaver makes it easier for web designers to build websites that look attractive & professional. Page tiling is one of the best tools to use when creating web pages. Moreover, you will get more advanced features when you choose to use page tiling. You can create multiple tiles, resize them, & change their shape & transparency with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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With the latest Dreamweaver version, you can use various built-in tools like the page inspector & custom grid layouts. The page inspector tool allows viewing the page elements such as headings, texts, & image links, etc. The custom grid layouts tool will enable you to customize web pages’ appearance in a snap. If you are not sure how these new features work, you can hire a professional web designer to do it for you.

Another great feature included in Dreamweaver CS6 that many users love is the built-in business catalyst. This powerful software provides useful features for web design & development. It is handy for those who need to do a lot of designing and coding. Business catalyst allows to markup web page elements with professional looking code. Dreamweaver supports standard HTML tags & valid HTML tags, which will enable you to use one-step generic validation. This business catalyst feature is beneficial for beginner users to take advantage of the built-in defaults.